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How fast time goes by! More than six years have now passed since we first addressed the subject of drones in a comprehensive Cash Course * Trends study. At that time, the small aircraft were mainly used in the military sector and may still be viewed as very nice toys for children of all ages. Since then, a lot has happened in the industry.

As with so many technological innovations, the first impetus came from the military sector with the invention of the drone, which rightly ensures that the subject is and must be hotly debated.

There is often light and shadow

On the one hand, missing persons can be found quickly after natural disasters and difficult-to-access infrastructure facilities such as bridges or high-voltage lines can be monitored with the targeted use of drones, without people having to put their lives in danger. On the other hand, the massive use of combat drones and the justified fear of government surveillance by drone make for a queasy gut feeling when thinking about the flying computers.

Despite all legitimate concerns, we should not shut ourselves off completely from emerging technology. After all, smartphones, navigation systems, digital photography and even the tin can were inventions that were originally promoted and used by the military. Nowadays, many inventions that had their origins in military use are an indispensable part of our modern everyday life. Where there is light, there is also shadow. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of things that inventions can be used for good as well as bad purposes. Technology can cost countless lives, but it can also save just as many lives.

Civil drone use on the rise

The civil use of drones has been able to pass its shadowy existence in recent years. The little helpers will in future be part of the standard equipment in sectors such as agriculture or the construction industry, thanks to lower costs and high efficiency. The technology has become enormously cheaper in recent years, which has caused extreme price volatility for drone manufacturers such as Parrot and AeroVironment, which were hotly traded at the time.

Nonetheless, the two stocks were able to record enormous price gains after the initial publication of our study. Since the study was published in January 2014, Parrot shares have risen by 140 percent and AeroVironment by more than 300 percent. A lot has happened in the industry since then. Countless companies disappeared into oblivion, while others blossomed into successful players and are now in the starting blocks to benefit from the upcoming boom.

The team around Dr. Eike Wenzel has again an exciting study written, which is dedicated to the promising topic in detail. As usual, we, as the CK * Trends team, have picked out the most promising companies from an investor’s point of view for fundamental and chart analysis and put them through their paces.

We hope you enjoy reading the study and gain knowledge!

Your Christof von Wenzl from the Cashkurs * Trends team

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