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Bitcoin (BTC) crossed the $ 19,000 line today, November 24, 2020. The indicators once again confirm a rally supported by institutional investors. At less than $ 1,000 of the long-awaited $ 20,000, one begins to wonder about a possible rejection or possible continuation of the current ascent, when Bitcoin reaches this level.


1 day above 19,000 USD

Bitcoin reached $ 19,467 today, the first time since December 2017. The BTC then dropped back to $ 19,150.

It is trading at $ 19,200 as of this writing. Bitcoin Currently registering an increase of over 4.5%, which is over $ 850.

The founder of Messari, Ryan selkis, indicated that the BTC Previously traded above $ 19,000, just one day since inception.

Bitcoin broke the $ 19,000 mark, relying in particular on whales that continue to accumulate Bitcoins during the rally.

The reserves of BTC held by exchanges continued to decline during the bull run – bitcoiners are reluctant to sell despite the bullish rally that began in October 2020.

Spot volumes and those on the institutional markets have increased since September 2020.

Bitcoin Will it hit $ 20,000 tomorrow, fueled by the current euphoric feelings in the markets? Should we expect a rejection at the 20,000 USD level and a correction that would then lose the 19,000 USD within 24 hours?

It explodes on Binance!

According to data from Glassnode, open interest on derivative products BTC sure Binance hit a new ATH of $ 1.17 billion today.

Open interest on derivative contracts BTC CME had hit $ 1 billion ATH about a week ago.


The current rally is supported by institutional investors, the massive entry of retail traders is expected which could then trigger another parabolic rise.

The $ 19,460 has halted the ascent to $ 20,000 for now. The $ 19,000 seems to be holding. Even at the approach of $ 20,000, some bitcoiners have therefore decided to liquidate their positions. Can current levels deter new buyers from entering the markets today? Will we be entitled to massive sales of a few hundred dollars of the 20,000 USD? The outcome in 24 hours? Suspenseful music in the meantime.


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