Albert Heijn is preparing for alternative Christmas

During the Christmas dinner, six million plates contain a dish made with inspiration and ingredients from Albert Heijn. The supermarket knows better than anyone what the Netherlands likes to eat at Christmas and has again created a Allerhande with no fewer than 74 tasty recipes for a special Christmas, as a select group of food journalists just found out during the digital vernissage of the December issue that will be in the shops right after Sinterklaas. .

More than 1,850 Christmas recipes are now available in the app and on the website. Today the cover with the Trifle. According to AH ‘the ultimate dessert served by tens of thousands of Dutch people at Christmas.’

Albert Heijn conducted research into how the Netherlands expects to celebrate Christmas and that looks different from other years. ‘This Christmas we will not be sitting at one big table with the whole family, but we will celebrate it at home with smaller groups and spread over several days. Because we celebrate it more intimately, we cook much more extensively on the special days. At other times, we tend to focus more on gourmet, quickly prepared dishes and decorated drinks. Where we normally planned visits to Christmas markets, Christmas shows, family, would take day trips or go on vacation, we now stay at home. As a result, we have the need to decorate the house extra festive and most people hang up the lights much earlier this year. ‘

Marit van Egmond, CEO of Albert Heijn adds: ‘2020 was a very special year. It’s a year we will never forget. Everything is different than usual. That also applies to Christmas. All the more reason to make something beautiful out of it. Albert Heijn has all the ingredients to make it a special holiday season: with a wonderfully extensive and fresh festive range, extra long opening hours of our stores and the online ordered groceries on Sundays and this year even delivered at home on Boxing Day. And, if everyone does their shopping on time and in a staggered way, it helps to keep it pleasant and relaxed. A special Christmas for everyone, that’s what we aim for at Albert Heijn. That also means that, together with our social partners – The Red Cross, Linda Foundation and Food Banks Netherlands – we will make extra efforts this year for people who can use a helping hand. ‘

The Christmas edition of Allerhande
With a circulation of around two million, Allerhande is the largest and most prominent food / Christmas magazine in the Netherlands. The Christmas edition with 225 pages will be available in all Albert Heijn stores from Sunday 6 December 2020. A moment that many people look forward to every year. The common thread in this Allerhande is an adventurous recipe of classics based on the favorite Christmas dishes in the Netherlands. New this year is the extra attention for children, with full-fledged starters, main courses and desserts that make even the little ones very happy. For example rainbow carpaccio, Christmas tree pizza or magical snow globes. There are also plenty of vegetarian alternatives, from beet tartare and stuffed pumpkin to celeriac roast. ‘These dishes are a feast for the eyes.’

Joyce Bierman, responsible for, among other things, Allerhande at Albert Heijn: ‘This Christmas there are many classics on the menu in Allerhande. For example smoked salmon, a hero every Christmas and this year combined with avocado mousse in the form of a tompouce. Familiar taste but with a modern twist. ‘ For dessert this year is the trifle with almond cookies, berry cream and honeycomb the spectacle on the table. This festive dessert adorns the cover. Joyce Bierman: “This trifle is really everyone’s friend, with fresh flavors, creamy mascarpone, fruit and crunchy honey shots. And it also looks spectacular, a magical end to the Christmas dinner. Those are also the two conditions that the cover recipe of the Christmas edition of Allerhande must always meet Everyone must like it and it must look amazing! Tip from us: serve this trifle in a straight glass bowl or a wide straight vase, so that you can build up the layers nicely. of course, all tips and tricks are listed in a row. The trifle is also available in a mini version, in a glass per person and therefore completely adapted to a Christmas dinner in a smaller circle. “

Check out all of AH’s Christmas favorites of 2020 here.

Albert Heijn launches Culii
For those who want to have a special meal this Christmas period but don’t want to spend too long in the kitchen, Albert Heijn will introduce something new in December: Culii. Culii is available in starters, side dishes, main courses and desserts for two people, with special ingredients and surprising culinary combinations. Each dish consists of different components, with which customers can put an extra tasty meal on the table in an instant. Culii is available all year round with flavors that vary with the season, such as crayfish cocktail with avocado cream, beet carpaccio with goat cheese and hazelnut, Madeira steak with mushrooms, salmon fillet prosecco with pistachios and samphire, mini cauliflower au gratin, stewed pears in red wine, rainbow carrots caramelised in honey-orange sauce and apple pear crumble with blueberries. Culii is available at Albert Heijn from December 17, 2020.

Shops open until midnight
Albert Heijn expects extra busy weeks this year. In the run-up to Christmas, more shops are open on Sundays and also open longer.

* On the busy days before Christmas, some 250 stores are open until midnight, so that customers can do their shopping even more widely.
* 645 Albert Heijn stores are open on Christmas Day. On Boxing Day there will be 914. On New Year’s Day, 645 stores will be open again.
* Albert Heijn will deliver groceries ordered online for the first time this year on Boxing Day and also for 6 weeks on Sunday from 29 November. This means various extra delivery times for customers in order to spread the online crowds as much as possible.
* ‘Tip to customers: already set online delivery times in December and do the shopping on time and spread out.’

‘Albert Heijn makes Christmas particularly easy’
During the digital vernissage, Albert Heijn promised customers again this year to ‘easily put together a personal Christmas menu for every cooking level and every wallet’:

* In the stores of Albert Heijn, special Christmas dish cards are available for all Christmas favorites in the Netherlands with information on how to make the dish yourself.
* There are festive fresh packages especially for December and the ‘AH Excellent for the Holidays’ range has been expanded considerably.
* The Albert Heijn app makes it easy and quick to choose from all the inspiration, products and recipes. There are also instructional videos. By scanning the QR code in the magazine, customers are taken to the recipe page and can immediately put everything on the shopping list.
* This year there are also various ‘how to’ films about the decoration. Think of setting the table in a festive way or decorating a plate beautifully. This way everyone can make the table extra special.
* The level of difficulty is indicated for each dish in Allerhande, where ‘one chef’s hat’ is easy and ‘three chef’s hats’ is more challenging.
* For all culinary questions about the preparation of the Christmas dinner, customers can text this year to ‘Allerhande Helpt!’. This service is available from 20 to 26 December 2020 from 12:00 to 20:00 on 06 48484040.
* Albert Heijn customers can save up this festive period for exclusive pans. As previously reported on MarketingTribune, the collection consists of three sizes of frying pans, a skillet, wok, frying pan, grill pan and a raclette grill. The pans from Royal Begeer & van Kempen are of excellent quality, 3-layer and PFAS-free.

A special Christmas for everyone
Something extra during the festive season is not self-evident for everyone, according to AH. During the press presentation, the Allerhande team will reveal that, in addition to regular donations and various promotions, Albert Heijn will donate 17,000 gift boxes to its social partners – The Red Cross, Linda Foundation and Food Banks Netherlands – in December ‘in order to do something extra for people who could use a helping hand ‘. Each box includes a grocery card worth € 25. This way, people can buy products that they like or need. There is also a delicious AH Excellent party stole in it, which has an extra meaning. ‘For the entire month of December, 1 euro of every stollen sold goes to The Red Cross, Linda Foundation and Food Banks Netherlands. Albert Heijn hopes to sell more than one and a half million clots in order to be able to make a significant contribution to the aid programs of these special organizations. ‘

Digital toast
Above you see the new Christmas cover of Allerhande 2020, below the action poster for the extra charity. Watch the film that was just screened during the moment of disclosure for the press here. This morning Constantijn Ninck Blok and Johan van der Zanden shared the presentation with all supermarket managers, store managers and AH entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Flanders. “I am sure that together we will make it a beautiful Christmas for all our customers,” said Van Der Zanden, head off marketing and communication at Albert Heijn / Ahold Delhaize. He raised the glass digitally from the ‘kitchen of Ilse’.


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