Sonoro Gold: 100% hit rate, gold content increases

The sensational hit series lasts: Sonoro Gold (WKN A2QCST / TSXV SGO) has proven gold mineralization in each of the 20 most recent backwash holes on the Cerro Caliche project – including some of the best drill results ever on the Mexico property!

With the most recent drilling announced, Sonoro has successfully expanded not only the northwest, but also the southeast extension of the higher grade mineralization of the now 450 meter long Buena Suerte Zone, but also extended strike of the Japoneses ore body. The latter now has a continuous strike length of 1.3 kilometers! No wonder the Company believes these drill results will help significantly increase the existing resource at Cerro Caliche (201,000 ounces gold) – particularly the higher grade Buena Suerto Zone.

Excellent drilling results

Because there Sonoro encountered 45.72 meters with 0.97 g / t gold from a depth of 3.05 meters, including 15.24 meters with 2.1 g / t gold and 6.09 meters with 3.99 g / t gold including 3.04 meters of 7.80 g / t gold and an average of 0.96 g / t gold over 10.67 meters, of which 1.52 meters of 2.81 g / t gold.

The drilling in the Buena Vista Zone, in turn, confirmed that it is the uninterrupted, northwestern extension of the Japoneses Zone – and remains open to the northwest. Multiple intercepts of mineralization demonstrated mineralization to a depth of 80 meters which could potentially be expanded. Here Sonoro pierced among other things:

– 12.19 meters with 0.94 g / t gold, of which 6.1 meters with 1.47 g / t gold,
– 27.43 meters grading 0.48 g / t gold and
– 19.81 meters grading 0.57 g / t gold including 1.53 meters grading 2.34 g / t gold.

In addition, on the northernmost extension of the Japoneses Zone at El Boludito, 1.52 meters grading 2.26 g / t gold and 34.5 g / t silver was encountered. The Cuervos Zone on the southern extension of Japoneses continues to show strong mineralization including 3.05 meters grading 1.12 g / t gold.

So far, Sonoro Gold has completed a total of 44 backwash drill holes in 2020, with which the near-surface gold mineralization on Cerro Caliche is to be determined and, above all, expanded. Now, including today’s results, results have been obtained from 32 holes, each of which encountered gold. Another 20 to 25 such backwash wells are expected to be completed by mid-December. The results of all drilling to date will then be incorporated into a new technical report in accordance with Canadian NI 43-101, due to be published in the New Year.

According to Sonoro’s VP Exploration Melvin Herdrick, the drill holes that Sonoro will include in the new resource estimate will also include the core drill holes that have already been initiated and are investigating the depth potential of Cerro Caliche. After reinterpreting the extensive data on the project during the corona lockdown earlier this year, Sonoro’s technical team identified this chance for high-grade gold mineralization, which is now being tested.

John Darch, Chairman of Sonoro also stated that the observed increase in gold grades and the substantial thickness of the mineralized intercepts had increased management’s confidence in the feasibility of the planned 8,000 tonnes per day mining, which was already carried out in the December 2012 should begin. Mr. Darch also sees confirmation of the long-term goal of significantly expanding the size of the ore body and the planned mine by successfully exploring and developing the property in the future.


Understanding that the team at Sonoro Gold (WKN A2QCST / TSXV SGO) from his Cerro Caliche project is obviously extremely high considering that 107 drillings to date have always (!) found gold. Now that the company, with its coffers full, has been able to expand its activities considerably compared to the last few years, which have been tough for the entire industry, the successes are also showing in ever faster succession. If the deep wells also meet the expectations that the Sonoro team has of them, this could draw more attention from investors to the company. Investors who have already recognized that good money can be earned with low gold content under the right circumstances would then, in our opinion, have an advantage.

We keep the readers of up to date on how things are going with this risky but in our opinion extremely promising company.

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