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Bitcoin (BTC) already controls the cryptocurrency realm; no altcoin is yet in a position to really dethrone the oldest crypto. BTC has a knack for attracting the attention of the stars. This actress launched a survey on Bitcoin; the end results do not argue in favor of BTC but, it won the heart or the wallet of Arya Stark.


Bitcoin on the throne

Maisie Williams, the actress who played the role ofArya stark in the famous series Game Of Thrones (GOT), asked an “unexpected” question to his Twitter followers: “should I invest for the long term in Bitcoin ? “. This poll required a simple answer: yes or no.

But cryptophiles on Twitter took the opportunity to offer investment advice and play puns with thinly veiled references to the GOT.

The podcast Stephen livera suggested starting ‘small’ and working your way up. He also volunteered to help the actress avoid traps and scams in the cryptosphere.

Bitlord crypto recommended to Williams to click as quickly as possible on the “purchase button of PayPal And added that they would see each other again at $ 100,000.

Other well-known actors and personalities of the cryptosphere including Kraken, Binance, Gemini, Grayscale, Elon musk and Justin sun, also shared their opinions.

Bitcoin loses elections but seduces a star

Bitcoin actually lost in the polls: 53% voted against, while Bitcoin had just passed the $ 18,000 mark.

Williams thanked the participants and announced that she had decided, against the general opinion, to purchase an undetermined quantity of Bitcoins.

This tweet will at least have had the merit of being a free advertisement for the BTC attracting the attention of 2.7 million followers of Williams on the oldest of cryptos.


This episode no doubt reminds some of the tweet of Jk rowling who then asked to be explained Bitcoin.

The entry of institutional investors into the BTC markets is undeniably a lever for the price of Bitcoin. But the popularity of showbiz stars may also work in BTC’s favor. Poll results show Bitcoin still struggling to convince it would have lost if it was an election. BTC is only a few miles away from new ATHs, but it still has some way to go before it can establish its legitimacy.


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