CureVac share: Today’s NASDAQ day could be very exciting – chart analysis

The COVID-19 vaccine hype on the stock market has recently focused primarily on the CureVac share – although the company had good news to offer, it is also a few months behind the BioNTech / Moderna duo. That hasn’t stopped investors in the past few days from pushing the Tübingen company’s share price on NASDAQ from $ 46.12 on October 28 to as much as $ 85.68 on November 16. However, the CureVac share could not keep breaking out to a new all-time high, the previous mark of 85.00 dollars was already clearly below the following day. The biotech share ended yesterday’s trading at $ 75.20; current early US indications are trading at $ 77.00, but are still of limited informative value.

On the other hand, two chart-technical zones, which should help determine the further price trend for the CureVac share – in addition to any news from the Tübingen company in the near future, are clearer in their expressiveness. On the one hand there is the technical support around the core brand at 69.74 / 70.16 dollars. On November 17th, CureVac’s share price stopped consolidation here after the eruption above $ 85.00. Together with the more striking daily high of August 21 of this year, the stock market novice’s share price will meet stronger support here.

On the upside, it is above all the all-time high of 85.00 / 85.68 dollars that has shaped the very volatile stock market history of CureVac shares, which is just three months old. The area is now classified as massive resistance, but is by no means the first hurdle that the biotech stock would have to overcome on the way up. A look at the chart of the CureVac share shows 77.52 / 77.80 dollars, a first and very strong obstacle mark. This is currently the focus of the pre-trading session, so the start of trading on NASDAQ could offer a certain amount of tension.


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