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Tech giants such as Facebook now understand their role as watchdog a bit better and warn that statements made by the ex-president are actually incorrect. They have not yet silenced him, but they do announce his verbal abuse: people beware, these are not the real facts, click here for reliable media. Let’s hope that in the release of this edition, Trump accepts the one and only truth.

The search for the “truth” in news, advertising and marketing is booming. The influencers – especially the vloggers – are increasingly guilty of surreptitious advertising and praise chips, clothing and beauty products as the best ever made. The European Union is done with it and is introducing new regulations. That “comfortable sweater made of beep” (shouting 4 times) is now subject to the rules of the Dutch Media Authority. Advertising is simply advertising and no strings attached that everything is so unique and wonderful seems to have had its day.

Content should be reliable content. In this time of great disruption, this fact seems to be more important than ever. Consumers are becoming more assertive, critical and demanding transparency. The public is entitled to clear and unambiguous information about products, sustainability, purposes and diversity. Just as the media has a duty to actually report on the events of the world.

Marketers seem to understand the customer better and realize that the watchful eye of the social media is always watching. We are making great strides, but alertness is still required. Now with the masks it seems as if the consumers have all been silenced. I think the opposite is true: it is precisely in this crisis that the public is more vigilant and hungry than ever. No more bullshit, but facts, facts and more facts. Let Trump keep his face mask on, that would make a big difference.

This is the editorial from MarketingTribune 19, 2020.


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