Benchpool launches Benchpool Printplaza for complex printed matter

In current practice, according to Benchpool managers, after a cumbersome purchasing process, often run into inimitable pricing and large quotation differences. The ordering process via Benchpool Printplaza takes an average of five minutes.

With the launch of the b2b platform, Benchpool is responding to the increasing demand for quick and easy purchasing of printed matter

With this innovation, the Hamburg-based Benchpool is responding to an increasing pattern of expectations among buyers and marketers from publishers, mail order and e-commerce companies, who want to purchase complex printed matter just as easily as business cards from online printers. Almost half of the decision-makers in this target group are now younger than 35. They prefer to order their magazines, catalogs and flyers, etc. with few clicks and at competitive prices. The current procurement of complex print is often accompanied by laborious consultation, error-prone communication via e-mails, Excel tables and unclear motivated quotation prices. In combination with declining printing knowledge on the purchasing side, it is easy to pay too much for printing.

In many years, Benchpool has analyzed and purchased more than one billion euros in complex, industrial printed matter for customers

Benchpool Printplaza claims to deal with this inefficiency. Twenty years of experience with the European printing market has been incorporated into the engine block on which the webshop runs. In many years, Benchpool has analyzed and purchased more than one billion euros in complex, industrial printed matter for customers. During that time, 10,000 purchase calculations were made on the basis of over a thousand printing machines and approximately 500 types of paper in the European database. Paper prices and types determine for 60 to 70% the cost level of the total print product.

Order within five minutes
Various databases are integrated on the new platform, including a price calculation system that has been proven in practice, the various machine and production options available in Europe, the types of paper and their reference prices. Based on this, Benchpool Printplaza calculates printing prices in a split second. With an average, non-standardized print product, the ordering process in Benchpool Printplaza takes no more than five minutes. In the print plaza, all kinds of variables can also be used for calculations and customers can perform price simulations based on entered budget ceilings.

Webshop promotes a reduction in the CO² impact
Benchpool will soon also support the choice of environmentally friendly paper types. The system calculates the total CO² impact and proposes even more environmentally friendly combinations of printing machines and paper types, including the corresponding quotation prices. With this Benchpool Printplaza anticipates new European legislation that requires further reduction of CO² emissions.


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