A friendly end to the year?

The US election has been decided, even though the incumbent president is defending himself against leaving office with all sorts of legal subtleties. In principle, an uncertainty factor that has had a paralyzing effect on prices in recent weeks has disappeared. A factor of uncertainty also disappeared with Brexit, which is now taking place without an agreement between the EU and Great Britain. We have now more or less adjusted to this.

Positive news is increasing!

However, the corona pandemic had the greatest impact on the listings. With the announcement of the approval of an active ingredient through the cooperation between Pfizer and Biontech, however, pent-up pressure has been discharged and share prices have shot up sharply. With Moderna and now also AstraZeneca at the beginning of the week, further drugs against the corona virus will follow. Here, too, it is becoming apparent that the zenith will obviously be overcome. With advances in drugs, this uncertainty factor should gradually disappear. This will also dissolve the forces that have recently kept the stock markets in check.

Is the next rally coming up?

With the uncertainty factors gradually subsiding, nothing should stand in the way of another rally. After all, the cheap money, which was also made free by the corona pandemic, wants to be invested. Liquidity has already provided a corresponding boost in recent months and should continue to maintain this trend, especially with the lack of uncertainty factors. Last but not least, the seasonal factor also speaks for a continuation of the rally in the fourth quarter. After all, the usual course of the year suggests positive signs on the stock market, especially in December. In view of the foreseeable end of the pandemic, titles that were among the clear losers in the lockdowns of the past few months could be in demand again in the coming weeks.

We wish you a successful stock market week

Stephan Feuerstein
Leverage Certificate Traders

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