$ 125 million for biotech company Atai

D.he biotech company Atai Life Sciences raised $ 125 million in another round of financing, including $ 32 million in convertible bonds such as F.A.Z. learned beforehand. Atai has dedicated himself to the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, among other things with the help of psychedelic active ingredients based on mushrooms.

In addition to Peter Thiel, co-founder of the PayPal payment service, Atai founder Christian Angermayer has also invested through his Apeiron Holding. New financiers like Falcon Edge have also entered.

Atai, based in Berlin and offices in New York and San Diego, was founded in 2018 and sees itself as a kind of platform for projects of various biotech companies in the special therapeutic area. This was preceded by an investment in the meanwhile listed biotech company Compass Pathways.

The pipeline of active ingredients is to be further developed

Atai wants to use the money that has now been collected to further develop its own pipeline of preclinical and clinical agents. The company expects several clinical milestones soon, including results from a phase 2 clinical trial for a drug for use in one form of depression and data for a drug to be used for patients who have taken opioid-based pain relievers incorrectly. In addition, further clinical studies are to start.


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