Will the gold price reach $ 2,000 again this year?

Frank Holmes from US Global Investors asked himself this question recently and answered it with a yes.

Frank Holmes goes even further and asks whether the price of gold can reach a new all-time high in 2020. The CEO and Chief Investment Officer expects the price of gold to continue to rise, largely due to global money printing. In the longer term, the gold expert is even assuming a price target of 4,000 US dollars per troy ounce of gold.

The cause is the unprecedented, unprecedented increase in money that not only the USA but also the G20 countries are making. Investors who don’t want to take risks are turning to gold. Gold is an inexpensive asset that has proven itself. The upward trend in the price of gold did not arise because the world has become more dangerous, but because the money supply is increasing so immensely.

As a result, the gold price has to reach a high level, according to the gold experts. Then there is inflation. And the US dollar is constantly depreciating. If this continues, the gold price should be high by the end of the year. This means that stocks and above all the price of gold can be higher than today. Controversial election results, the flu season combined with the second corona wave will do the rest and support the gold price.

So a quick look at promising gold companies like Aguila American Gold or Canarc Resources.

Canarc Resources – – focuses on multiple gold properties in North America with significant gold resources. The main project is the formerly producing New Polaris gold project in British Columbia.

Aguila American Gold looks for gold, silver and copper. Through a joint venture, the company has access to the Wusa Epithermal Gold Project in Oregon, covering 150,000 hectares. Three gold deposits have already been identified.

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