Tobacco ban supers two years earlier

Retail medium Distrifood reported a few weeks ago that the ban on the sale of tobacco was coming. At the time, the trade center entrepreneurial organization reported that it feared a complete ban in 2026.

From 2030 only sales in tobacco shops
The cabinet met on 20 November 2020 about the sale of cigarettes, rolling tobacco, cigars and e-cigarettes: to ban them via the internet this year, to have the ban in supermarkets take effect in 2024 and to allow sales in 2030 only through specialist tobacco stores. expired.

Small supermarkets threatened to survive
The ban will according to Distrifood especially village and neighborhood supermarkets hit hard. They could possibly perish as a result. “For supermarkets with an average weekly turnover of less than € 50,000, an average of more than 13 percent of total sales appears to come from tobacco,” said senior retail consultant Joeri van Rens van Marshoek earlier this year.

Priceless service counter
‘The tobacco ban may also have major consequences for larger supermarkets. A tour of Distrifood along several entrepreneurs shows that retailers fear that without tobacco sales the service counter will become unaffordable. Larger supermarkets will not fall over. “But we will have to look carefully at the shape and function of the service counter,” say entrepreneurs. Without tobacco, the service counter is a cost item. ‘
(source: Distrifood, statue: Unsplash)


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