Nel ASA Share: It’s going to be an exciting week next!

On Friday, the Nel ASA share was able to extend its recent steep upward movement somewhat. At its peak, the hydrogen share reached 2.159 euros and the closing price on the Frankfurt stock exchange was 2.138 euros above the previous day’s value – an increase of 3.48 percent. That was the good news. The bad news about the Nel share: The important top at 2.195 euros was again not seriously attacked. The day before, Nel’s share price had climbed to 2.134 euros – with high sales.

The striking double high of 2.193 / 2.195 euros from the last few months thus remains untested. In terms of the chart, the brand can be classified as a strong resistance. After the most recent price increase of 1.49 euros at the end of October to the high on Friday, the risks of a setback last outlined in the 4investors chart check for the Nel ASA share remain in place for the coming week. Visible fuses in the daily candles, especially on Thursday, but also on Friday in the candlestick chart of the hydrogen share, remain warning signs without having to be understood directly as trend reversal signals.

So it will be an interesting week for the Nel ASA share in terms of charts. Here again the most important key points from the last 4investors chart check.

If there are further unsuccessful attempts to break out, a more extensive consolidation movement must be expected. However, the first stronger support should come up between 1.964 / 1.979 euros and 1.950 / 1.954 euros. Further sell signals to these brands could then really give the impending consolidation momentum. A breakout above the all-time high, if stable, would be a massive buy signal for the Nel ASA share.


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