I almost fell for it

None of that. So I clicked on the round arrow after which the site reloaded and the payment screen looked as it should again. That’s when I realized I was dealing with a phishing page.

I almost fell for it. Before you know it, it happens to you. I realize this when I read a story about the most important cybersecurity trends on “Next year, too, the corona virus will be an important starting point for the spread of fake emails. In addition, attackers will still respond to working from home in 2021. This is already common practice in many companies and there are countless reports about companies that are thinking of continuing to work from home even after the end of the corona pandemic. ”Now that the corona crisis continues, hybrid working (partly at home, partly at the office) seems to become a keeper. The office serves as a meeting place and brainstorming space, the workplace at home is primarily a place to concentrate and to keep going. This week I read a great story on FW about storytelling in the year 2021. “These are wonderful times for zeitgeists. Because the year 2020 is the year that everything turned out differently than expected. Corona has turned our society into a large laboratory, in which everything bubbles up and lumps together, but which sometimes shows no reaction whatsoever. The most important trends, focused on everything to do with the consequences of the corona era, from the mouths of storytelling experts at FW. The need for new stories is growing. With stories, people can get a better grip on the complex world we currently live in. We can indicate what this time means to people (through narratives and frames), what it does to people (investigation of the undercurrent) and keep people “on the ball” and give direction (working towards a new narrative). Storytelling is therefore more important than ever for organizations. “The story on FW is recommended.

On the website of our colleagues this week an article about the assets within content marketing. Interesting because this is a new vision of our field. I remember that when I sold my company (long ago) the assets were an important part of the valuation and transfer. At that time we understood by assets the laptops, the printers and the mobile phones. At the time, there was no mention of assets as we know them within content marketing, such as texts, photos, illustrations and other material with which you can easily produce “content” for print or digital media. The assets are the parts from which content is built. If you estimate it correctly, the equity of a company, or assets, increases significantly. A smart vision that can lead to the office result growing because you can use assets more times. You don’t do that so easily with content.

On I came across an interesting story about copyright infringement. In this case, the question is what to do if a colleague uses similar texts on his website because he knows that your texts score well in Google. Apparently you can deal with that in different ways. If you are interested in making so-called speed gains you should read this article. Because you can quickly “kill” a “jatter”.

Here’s a thinker I took from a story on “Researchers found that you might have some sort of fear of commitment if you are actively unwilling to post pictures of your partner online. That means you may not be giving your partner the attention that they actually want. “And where all that can lead to …

You should perhaps also read this as a content marketer: SaaS start-up Flowbox saw the light of day in 2016. Since then, they have offered more than 450 companies internationally a convenient platform to make optimal use of their user generated content (UGC). What does this mean in concrete terms? Well, with the Flowbox platform you as a company collect and manage the content of your own users, distribute it on your own channels, and thus strengthen your content marketing. That is important, because user generated content is a goldmine for marketers. It’s authentic, builds engagement, and gives your conversions and social media interactions a serious boost.

Finally, on FW, a plea for a colophon on websites. A well-founded story that I support wholeheartedly. Because who has which copyright such as: the copyright on the design;

Copyright in photos; the copyright on the texts? Now give a platform to all those contributors and put that colophon on your website. This way everyone gets the credits they or he deserves, you possibly help the contributors to new customers and there is no discussion about who owns the copyright.


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