Eric-Jan Vis to Lukkien from January 1, 2021

In the new year, sales heavyweight Eric-Jan Vis, now still working at BBP Media and MarketingTribune, will become commercial manager at production company Lukkien in Ede, which produces advertising commercials, films, photography, video, apps and websites, among other things.

Eric-Jan Vis (57) (right on photo above) is an old acquaintance in the advertising world. Before joining BBP Media as commercial manager in 2012, he worked for Adformation for 22 years, many of which as commercial director. Vis left BBP before and in 2016 made a short trip to NPB Media in Haarlem, but he missed the agency world too much. Marketingtribune could not do without him and they once again experienced very successful commercial years together.

Sales heavyweight Eric-Jan Vis makes the switch from BBP Media to Lukkien

Take chances

Vis knows the advertising and marketing world like the back of his hand. He has proven this for the marketing platform Marketingtribune over the past 8 years. Together with editor-in-chief Sjaak Hoogkamer and his team, he managed to take the platform to great heights. Hoogkamer: “Eric-Jan was not only able to bind the advertising agencies, but also the marketers. He’s a man of the marathon, not the hit and run approach. Sow first, then harvest. He is a breed connector and empathetic sales tiger who always keeps the interests of the customer in mind. I see him leave with sorrow. Eric-Jan, do you well man! “

Why Vis is switching to Lukkien? “Because I see a lot of opportunities. Not just for myself, but for my entire network. Especially nowadays there is a great need for a strong production partner. “

If a customer enters satisfied and leaves even happier, then I have done my job well

Relationship comes first

You happy, we happy! In a nutshell, that is Vis’s vision, because he does not believe in primarily focusing on commercial gain. “That must always be the result of a successful partnership. The approach is primarily to have a real eye for customer needs and to fulfill them optimally. If a customer enters satisfied and leaves even happier, then I have done my job well. “

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