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Forget the ‘world after Covid in which we would have become aware of our crazy hyper-consumer society. Here we are served instead the “Great Reset”… The IMF, the central banks and the men of Davos have a very precise idea of ​​their best worlds. It is a hyperconnected surveillance capitalism headed by the star of the moment: the CBDC …


Great Reset

This expression is on everyone’s lips and was uttered for the first time in that of Klaus Schwab. This character is the founder and president of the World Economic Forum (WEF), also called Davos Forum. In a way, it is the winter counterpart of the more opaque Bilderberg.

Here is a short video presentation of the Great Reset :

According to Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Great Reset is ” the welcome realization that these human tragedies (linked to Covid as well as climate change) must serve as an electric shock. […] It is imperative that we reinvent, rebuild and rebalance our world.

Beautiful words even referring a little further to the noble objective of reduce CO2 emissions, the accumulation of which in the atmosphere is already resulting in recurring climatic disasters and effectively endangering the future of our children.

However, when you skim the WEF website, the Great Reset translates concretely into 5G, Artificial Intelligence, drones, Internet of Thing, transhumanism, augmented virtuality, data collection, wind turbines, etc. In short, all the facets of the “fourth industrial revolution”, title of a book written by Klaus Schwab in 2016 and the French version of which was prefaced by Emmanuel Macron

The Great Reset (“The big reset”) is therefore above all a war between multinationals and small traders. Between local and online sales. Between energy sobriety and digitization at all costs. Between freedom and mass surveillance. A dystopia that will eventually prevail by the end of cash if necessary, all against a backdrop of greenwashing.

Let’s not be fooled. Reducing energy consumption to lower CO2 emissions will require a return to “low tech” and not by electronifying everything. The emerging world increasingly resembles a GAFAM kingdom ruled by Chinese social credit.

CBDC and social credit

“In 10, 20, 30 years, who will still trade those old scraps of paper with banknotes? “

Christine Lagarde, in 2018, when she was President of the IMF

The current President of the ECB, a big fan of the CBDC, also said in the same speech:

Imagine buying frozen pizza and beer. Yuck! Now, be aware that, surprisingly, consumers of frozen pizza and beer are more likely to default on their mortgage than those who buy exquisite wines and organic broccoli. What if you really crave pizza and beer but don’t want your credit score to go down [le « credit score » est une note que vous attribue votre banque en fonction de votre historique d’achat afin de savoir s’il est avisé de vous prêter de l’argent ou non]. Obviously, you will be paying in cash. Would a fully digital private payment system push you towards the Broccoli side? Could central banks help you by offering you a completely anonymous CBDC? Certainly not. Not because of the broccoli, but because it would be a boon to the criminals.

Christine Lagarde

By observing the body language of Christine Lagarde, you will realize that this broccoli story is not trivial. The CBDC is much more than a simple digitalization of money. It will be a social engineering tool facilitating the advent of world dreamed of by Davos billionaires.

Although Christine Lagarde recently said that ’a possible CBDC would not replace cash, so it would seem that she thinks no less, confident that the liquid will disappear “naturally”. That is to say, thanks to the multinationals which will gradually refuse to accept cash, an essential milestone for the establishment of social credit allowing society to be shaped according to a certain ideology.

Mr DIY, contactless payment because of the Covid

The Chinese Clone Factory

Not only constantly monitored by facial recognition Cyclops, Chinese are also noted. Each Chinese citizen is assigned a score out of 950 calculated from hundreds of different data from banks (purchase history), digital giants (the equivalent of everything google and Facebook know about you) and the ‘State. In other words, everyone ends up with a bar code, marked as cattle …

For the inventor of social credit: ” this system of agglomeration of all data will play an important role in the moral reconstruction of the country “. Need we say more? The aim is to force the population to self-censorship through inhibitory alienation and unconscious that triggers the simple fact of knowing that our consumption habits, our careers or our opinions on social networks have been combed through.

This comb being the top of a artificial intelligence using our data to identify those that diverge too much from the official standard… No more need for hundreds of thousands of spies like in the GDR with the Stasi. Surveillance is entrusted to an omnipotent AI.

Anyone who refuses to fit into the mold will be deprived of their freedoms. Travel ban; slowdown in internet connection; longer waiting time for treatment; ban on spending one’s savings, etc. The list goes on and on and hell is paved with good intentions.


The end of cash is essential to prevent anyone from escaping the wrath of Big brother. Don’t worry, however, if your rating has dropped too low from buying Vodka or crossing the road outside zebra crossings (yes, that goes that far …). You can still donate blood or volunteer to collect points …

At the end of the road, it is the loss of all our freedoms that hangs in our face if we let the powerful take away all anonymous means of payment. What is this society where you are deprived of certain services if you do not adhere to the philosophy of the party? This is an open-air prison!

And during this time in France:

global security law
The “Global Security” law was passed by the National Assembly on Friday, November 20. Find below the list of 159 deputies who voted for it:

The dark designs behind the end of cash

The loss of freedom is undoubtedly the most serious risk of the end of the cash. There are other equally bleak prospects, however.

Bankers could implement very severe negative rates on our savings in order to force us to spend or borrow (by making a “contribution”). The goal being tospeed up the flow of money and generate this inflation, which is so important to reduce the burden of government debt.

The other nicer scenario would be the possibility for the Central Bank to distribute free money to every citizen (a kind of universal income). Here again, the aim would be to create the inflation necessary to perpetuate the debt. But the upside is that everyone will have benefited from the “currency helicopter” equally. The United States and Japan have already sent checks to each of their citizens this year.

It could also be that the money is instead distributed only to multinationals, spearheading this formidable “fourth revolution” that we so badly need … In this scenario, then everyone will suffer from inflation. This is the famous cantillon effect, named after the Irishman who formulated it in the 18th century.

As a reminder, the Cantillon effect describes a non-homogeneous distribution of a certain sum of money. The economist Hayek had this metaphor: if you pour a spoonful of honey into a mug, it won’t spread evenly right away. It will first freeze in the middle of the cup before spreading out. The same goes for money. Those who benefit are those just below the monetary tap: the banks and the multinationals. The latter are borrowing, investing and driving up prices even though the rest of the population has yet to see a dime of all that money and is therefore experiencing this inflation. It is nothing more than a transfer of money from the poor to the powerful, as always.

Finally, it could also be that they are implementing the very pernicious ” melting coin By giving the money an expiration date. Some of the savings would disappear after a certain time in order to deter hoarding and encourage continuous and perpetual consumption. Not very green to push for consumption … The injured will be Mr. and Mrs. everyone because billionaires do not keep their money on a PEL. Their fortunes are invested in stocks that the banks levitate as much as they want.

Bitcoin vs CBDC

One of the biggest catalysts for Bitcoin’s appreciation is the creation of a CBDC. Indeed, it is no coincidence that the majority of minors are Chinese … They are at the forefront of apartheid 2.0 which is unfolding in the shadow of the “Great Reset”.

No one can stop you from spending your Bitcoins. It is ” permissionless “.

No one can steal the hard work of your job with a negative rate or inflation. There are only 21 million unalterable BTCs.

No one can spy on what you buy. It is ” pseudonymous “.


No ideology can dictate how you spend your Bitcoins. It is decentralized and does not rely on the very crumbly “trust” betrayed by central bankers with every newly printed penny and to fuel the Cantillary Debt Ponzi.

A launch of CBDC by the Fed and the European Central Bank would bode very well for Bitcoin, which would become the only credible alternative to protect one’s privacy and not suffer from inflation.


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