BioNTech share: There is more

When it comes to fighting the pandemic, many eyes are currently on Pfizer and BioNTech. The partners are about to bring a vaccine to market. All previous study data have turned out good, the effectiveness is very high, and according to previous data, the safety is okay.

However, many analysts have only issued hold recommendations for Pfizer shares. Either because a lot is already priced into the course or because vaccination is just one product among many in the American portfolio.

This is different with BioNTech. Despite the massive price increase in recent months, analysts believe that the share still has room for improvement. This is also underlined by the experts from Berenberg. You confirm the buy recommendation for the shares of BioNTech. The analysts continue to see the target price for the title at $ 126.00.

The experts speak of high quality data from the vaccine study. Accordingly, the experts assume that BNT162 will be approved worldwide. You apply for emergency approval from the FDA and other authorities. This should be positive. This would pave the way for the vaccine to be brought to market.

BioNTech’s shares gain 3.9 percent on the Nasdaq in the evening to $ 93.98.


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