Answers to Ikea’s business questions of tomorrow

Ikea is looking for answers to business questions in the future through its external innovation lab Space10. Bas van de Poel is the creative brain behind the explorations of the future for the store, such as for new Swedish balls.

Ikea is usually not that outspoken about innovations that lie ahead, but at Space10 that’s exactly what it’s all about. The home furnishing giant’s external innovation lab, located in a former fish processing plant in Copenhagen’s hip Meatpacking district, has been a platform for progressive thinkers for the past five years, discovered Bright minds conduct research into social, ecological and technical shifts that affect our daily lives.

New balls
Bas van de Poel has been involved with Space10 from the very beginning. First as so-called artist in residence when he investigated with the Tomorrow’s Meatball project whether it is possible to make sustainable foods such as algae and insects more attractive by molding them in a familiar shape. ‘ Read on here.
(source: MT)


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