TUI share: A (too?) High hurdle – chart analysis

For days, the TUI share has been in the area of ​​the 200-day line, which so far has consistently proven to be an insurmountable technical chart hurdle. On November 10th, TUI’s share price managed to marginally overcome this barrier, but there was no trace of a stable buy signal.

After a brief setback from EUR 4.914 to EUR 4.172, the TUI share has now worked its way back to the 200-day line. But again the upward movement stalls here. Since Monday there have been repeated attempts to break, but they do not make any significant progress. The result: In the meantime, an increasingly stronger technical chart obstacle zone has established itself in the zone at EUR 4.825 / 4.914. This is supplemented by the 200-day line at currently EUR 4.871, with a slight downward trend.

A breakout over the zone around the EMA 200 would meanwhile be a clear buy signal for the TUI share. If, on the other hand, there is another setback, the Reise share will find support around EUR 4.36 / 4.43 and EUR 4.17 / 4.22 as well as in the broad zone below EUR 4.07.


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