These are the richest Austrians

Germany and Austria are astonishingly similar when it comes to their super-rich. In both neighbors there is one billionaire for every million citizens. On average, they each have a little over $ 4 billion. Because of the small number of inhabitants, Austria does not get its top 10 in the current “Forbes” super-achievable list. But while in Germany there are many heirs at the top, in Austria almost all billionaires have earned their own wealth.

The richest people in Austria, like billionaires worldwide, had to give up in 2019. Every second representative on the “Forbes” list for 2020 was “poorer” than last year. Only two of the nine Austrian frontrunners were able to increase their wealth. If all the billionaires in the country were to throw their money together, they would be number 17 on the global list with $ 41.2 billion, between Michael Bloomberg and Jack Ma.

These are the richest Austrians:


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