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The project we are presenting to you today is the Sorare project. You may have heard of it before if like me you like to combine your passion for blockchain projects with your love of football. Indeed, Sorare made the bet to reinvent the sector of the fantasy football by basing its added value on the scarcity of collectable football player cards. A rarity that takes advantage of Ethereum blockchain technology (ETH). Thus, beyond simple digital cards, these are real blockchain tokens issued in limited quantities, or even in a single single copy. In short, with already more than 90 licensed football clubs and not the least, Sorare is one of the most exciting blockchain projects of the moment. So, let’s dive without waiting together in the presentation of this new platform. We will endeavor to understand the history of the project first and then we will try to better understand the very concept of Sorare to finally present you step by step how to get started on the platform! Hang on your seat belts here we are entering the world of tokenized football!

Sorare, a real French nugget supported by investment funds

A duo of blockchain entrepreneurs who love football!

The year 2018 marked the victory of the French football team during the World Cup, which earned him a second star on his jersey. It is perhaps this victory that gave ideas to the founders of the start-up Sorare, since it is in October 2018, just a few months after the World Cup victory that the entrepreneurial duo Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort launched the Sorare project. The two French have both cut their teeth in the blockchain sector within the company Stratum, a premier company that promises to optimize processes through the use of blockchain technology.

Both football fans and experts in the field of blockchain technology, they immediately saw the opportunity to use this technology for football fans who can now enter the world of crypto and collectible tokens. For the record, it should be noted that while the two men joined forces to found Sorare, their opinions differ when it comes to supporting a football club. On the one hand, Adrien is a fan of the Girondins de Bordeaux, while Nicolas leans towards the south of France as a fervent supporter of Olympique de Marseille.

First-class financing

The sinews of war for a startup, whether it is related to blockchain technology or not, is obviously its ability to convince potential investors to engage in a project that promises to be profitable. On this side we can say that Sorare has done strong. Indeed, in May 2019, just a few months after its creation, the company announced a first fundraising up to 550,000 euros. And among the investors we found at the time the serial entrepreneur Xavier Niel who invested no less than 100,000 euros in the project through its investment fund Kima Ventures. Thomas France, one of the co-founder of the company Ledger that we no longer present also participated in this fundraiser as business angels, alongside other investment funds and well-known companies such as Consensys and Seedcamp. These first investments made it possible to launch the platform by signing a partnership with the Belgian football league.

Team Sorare: The first employee alongside the founders of the project
Sorare’s first employee alongside the two founders of the project

Last July, Sorare announced a new round of financing to the tune of 4 million euros, this time it is investment funds such as e-ventures, Partech or Semantic ventures which have put their hands in the portfolio for support the Sorare project. This announcement was made when the project had already signed partnerships with many professional football clubs, we could mention in particular Olympique de Marseille, Olympique Lyonnais and Paris Saint-Germain. With these names, we better understand Sorare’s potential to bring added value for players while making a product based on blockchain technology accessible. After a little over a year of existence, Sorare quickly rose to number one in blockchain-based games with sales to the tune of 1 million euros in 12 months in more than 50 countries around the world. The objective of this latest fundraiser is to grow the teams to seek more than 150 partnerships with football clubs and thus increase the number of platform users who are already today more than 45,000.

The concept of Sorare – the blockchain revolution within the reach of all football fans

One of the main advantages of blockchain technology is that it allows the creation of unique and therefore rare digital assets. The Bitcoin (BTC) that we follow daily on Thecointribune is the best example of this, there will not be more than 21 million Bitcoins in circulation in the world, this is in part what has propelled the value of the cryptocurrency market number for more than ten years now. It is on the basis of this same principle of uniqueness that Sorare issues, not cryptocurrencies but collectible football player cards, these represent what we call in the world of non-fungible tokens that are issued and traceable on the Ethereum blockchain. Sorare’s main difference with another fantasy football game or even a Fifa Ultimate team is that it gives you the opportunity to buy a digital asset that is rare and this in full transparency since each card is numbered and has a unique blockchain code. Your card cannot be duplicated and you can then resell it on the market to another user.

To go into more detail on the Sorare concept, there are three types of cards:

  • Rare: 100 copies per season
  • Super rare: 10 copies per season
  • Unique: 1 copy per season

As the name Sorare suggests, the concept of rarity of these collectible cards is truly made palpable in a digital world where “Copy and Paste” has been used to for far too many years. Here, once purchased, your card belongs to you and you alone.

Once you have purchased your cards, you can resell them in the market as you see fit. So buy / sell enthusiasts can have a blast, especially if you have a good enough grasp of the football market to spot future nuggets. Indeed, imagine you are buying the future Cristiano Ronaldo, you will be able to see the value of your card change significantly over the years and thus earn a small jackpot thanks to your footballing knowledge while indulging in your passion.


But the Sorare platform experience does not end there. Indeed, the whole purpose of holding cards is not just to collect them with the aim of reselling them. The goal is also to assemble your own team with your different cards allowing you to participate in competitions. The points that you will be able to accumulate during competitions depend mainly on the actual performance of the players. There is therefore a real link between the real world and the digital world of the Sorare platform.

The rare cards of Dybala on Sorare
3 types of rare cards

Already many partnerships in many championships

What makes a game like Sorare so attractive is of course, beyond the concept of scarcity, the partnerships that they were able to sign in record time with major European football clubs like Atletico de Madrid, Juventus Turin, FC Porto and in France the biggest clubs we have already mentioned (OM, PSG, OL, Lille). So it is a real pleasure for fans to find their favorite players on Sorare and get even more involved in their passion by buying a digital item of value bearing the image of their favorite players.

If prices are racing in the real transfer market, so are Sorare, indeed, as of this writing, you can find a rare Neymar card for over 3000 euros. You will also find a unique Bouna Sarr card for more than 3000 euros as well. Rest assured, Sorare is within the reach of all budgets, some rare cards of young up-and-coming players are trading for a few euros and could well net you big if this one turns out to be a future football nugget.

Bouna Sarr and Neymar on the platform Sorare
The crypto transfer market is in full swing!

How to get started on Sorare?

So now that you begin to glimpse the possibilities offered by a combination of blockchain rarity and the world of fantasy football, it is time to take the next step by going register on Sorare. I myself had the experience to give myself an opinion on the platform and share it with you here.

So start by going to I’ll give you the registration details, just note that you can log in directly through your Google account, for example, which saves precious time. Once registered, no frustration of not being able to touch the game without already putting your hand in the wallet to buy such precious cards. Indeed Sorare offers you a pack of cards of the “Common” category it is thus about non rare cards, these cards have no real value on the market they are intended to make you discover the game in what is. called the “Rookie League” on Sorare, understand the amateur league to get your hands on it. And even while playing in this beginner’s league you have the possibility of winning rare cards if you are among the best players. Your objective: to build the best team according to the performance of the players whose cards you have.

How to buy your first Sorare cards?

Buying Sorare cards is actually very similar to buying cryptocurrency in that it means you have Ethers. Indeed Ethereum Ether is the currency or rather the cryptocurrency exchanged on Sorare. Thus, to buy Sorare cards, you must connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the website. The compatible wallets are currently Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or Portis. Once you have connected your wallet, you can credit your Sorare wallet with Ethers and thus start making your own transfer market by buying your first Sorare cards. For that, nothing could be simpler, just go to the market section of the site.

Here two options, either you opt for new cards, you can bid in this section and if you win it you will become the first owner of the card in question. Second option go to the “Auctions” section, at this time you enter into a transaction with another user who resells his card, which you can claim by participating in the auction. Whether for the purchase / resale or for the Fantasy Football experience, Sorare, despite only 2 years of existence already has everything of a great thing to upset the market and take the opportunity to democratize the crypto universe to the whole planet soccer.

Conclusion: football fan, take part in Sorare and step into the future of fantasy football

Sorare’s promise to connect the crypto world and the world of football is being delivered well with partnerships and some very big names in football. Who would have thought that it would be possible to swap your Ethers for a single card from Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar or even Mbappé? Sorare, did it and proves to us a little more that France has what it takes to shine on the international scene with renowned supporters. If you are a football and crypto fan, we can only advise you to go and test the registration on Sorare, you will be able to follow the evolution of the value of your collectible cards as you follow the evolution of the value of your cryptos today! A great step forward, therefore, and it seems that this is only the beginning for the young French startup. Case to follow on Thecointribune!



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