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VELIZY-VILLACOUBLAY, FRANCE - OCTOBER 3, 2020: Facade of the building of Thales Global Services, subsidiary of Thales, electronics group specializing in aerospace, defense, security and land transport

The cases of blockchain adoption are multiplying in companies to the delight of them. One of the most sought-after properties for some time has been the ability of blockchain to control the supply and distribution of products or commodities. It is in this context that Thales has decided to use this technology in order to better comply with the standards of its sector of activity. Explanations.

Digital transformation of the production and maintenance center

French multinational specializing in products and services for the aerospace and defense industries, Thales has decided to acquire a new management system. The company therefore opted for a digital transformation of its production and maintenance center in Spain. This small revolution will also be effective thanks to the use of the blockchain which will now be at the heart of its system. More than a fad, this measure aims above all to comply with the various provisions in force.

The company does mean align with NATO and defense authority standards for traceability. This is notably what the company explained in its announcement: ” To comply with the standards of NATO and the defense ministries with which the company works, the blockchain will be used to ensure the traceability of all parts and all products processed in the production and maintenance center “.

Interconnect all procurement and equipment management processes

Before this decision, the company had already experimented with blockchain in order to boost its operations. A previous collaboration with the consulting company Accenture had already allowed him to upgrade the supply chain of its aircraft thanks to this technology. By combining the blockchain with its new management system, Thales will be able to better control all the applications used on its network.

Indeed, it will now be possible for him to efficiently connect all procurement and product management processes. It is also expected that radiocommunication, aeronautical and naval equipment will be part of these. The new platform will also allowimprove communication with customers as well as maintenance operations.


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The use of blockchain to meet large-scale compliances like that of NATO is an undeniable victory for the adoption of this technology. Other companies are expected to gradually join the on-going revolution as blockchain matures. Something that is far from happening to believe the former Chinese digital minister.

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