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These companies are part of the vaccine supply chain

In the past few weeks there have been two very promising reports about Covid vaccines: First Pfizer and Biontech announced positive interim results from their vaccine study, then the US company Moderna followed. Both want to apply for approval soon.

After months of searching for a vaccine, everything could now go very quickly: “I could imagine that approval could be granted in the USA at the end of the first half of December, the second half of December,” said Biontech CEO Uğur Şahin in an interview with Reuters TV . “A Christmas present, if you like.” This is the start of the concrete preparations for a possible Covid vaccine. Vaccination centers and cold stores are being planned throughout Germany.

But a vaccine alone is not enough. Before it finds its way from the pharmaceutical companies to the vaccination centers and finally to the population, numerous companies are required to form the supply chain with their special products and services: from the vial into which the vaccine is filled, to the refrigeration on the way to the warehouse , the camp itself down to the syringe used to give the vaccine.

These eight companies could be used in the Covid vaccine:


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