STS Group: shares with price rally – what’s going on here? – Chart analysis

After the STS Group was finally able to stabilize after a crisis, the company’s share currently seems to be clearly working on its comeback. Today, the recovery trend after the long bear market at the beginning of July reached a new high of 1.74 euros at 4.25 euros. This means that the paper is still well below previous share prices, well above the EUR 20 mark.

The short-term chart shows positive impulses. The first pro-cyclical buy signals from the chart can be seen after the long bear market: The STS Group share has, among other things, technical chart obstacles of EUR 2.95 / 3.14 and EUR 3.30 / 3.32 as well as 3.48 / 3.60 Euro overcome. The paper was also able to leave the 200-day line at 3.59 euros behind.

With the steep rise of the last few days, at the end of October / beginning of November there were prices at the 3 euro mark, new technical chart obstacles are being targeted – and at the same time, of course, possible correction risks are growing. At the moment, however, the rally is intact and will continue to be fueled. The hurdle of 3.90 / 4.00 euros, which was too high yesterday, will be overcome today. The next obstacles are between 4.44 euros and around 4.60 / 4.70 euros – both higher hurdles from distinctive zones that have already played a technical role in the STS Group share in the last few months.


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