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For two years, the United States and China have been at war over the use of blockchain with large patents. One of them, filed by IBM in 2018, was accepted on November 10, 2020 and concerns the use of a blockchain for massively multiplayer online games. What is it and how does IBM plan to operate it?


A player-centric model

The patent filed by IBM is particularly interesting when you take a closer look. It is above all focused on user participation in the transaction record of the game he is playing.

The first way to participate in this system is to use a blockchain to record transactions relating to sales and purchases, but IBM decides to take the idea even further!

Modeling the operation of traditional cryptos, each of these transactions will have fees and these fees will be used to pay the miners who will take care of the security of the network in the game. As to the question of knowing who will be the minors well the answer is quickly found: it will be the players or more precisely their computer.

Because this patent unveils this other surprise, it will be possible to use the computing power of your computer to be able to receive block rewards. So it’s a whole circular economy that has been tailor-made for the gaming world.

Patents in the chain

It is important to remember the context in which IBM has found itself in recent years: the company files hundreds of Blockchain patents. At the moment a “patent war” is being established between China and the United States over who will file the most to prove to the other who is furthest ahead on the subject.

While it may seem reassuring that an institution like IBM offering a blockchain solution that puts gamers at the forefront, it’s hard to say whether this will be beneficial for the gaming world or the blockchain world.

Without giving more details on the exact application that the American company intends to make with this patent, it looks more like a communication aimed at video game studios to use their idea or a country it is trying to compete with.


Knowing that IBM favors the Hyperledger solution, will the crypto-players already adhering to the philosophy of Ethereum want to migrate? Doubt is allowed …


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