Deutsche Post wants to double its packing stations by 2023 – high demand

In times of pandemics, it is important to keep your distance, preferably also to the parcel delivery. Packstations are currently well used. Deutsche Post is now planning to massively expand its offering.

Due to the high demand, Deutsche Post DHL wants to significantly expand its network of packing stations. From the current 6,000, the number of systems is to increase to at least 12,000 by the end of 2023, as the company announced in Bonn on Tuesday. According to the company, not only are more and more customers using this offer, especially in corona times, but existing customers are also doing this more and more frequently.

The packing stations are yellow metal wall units with boxes of different sizes, which can be found at supermarkets, petrol stations and train stations. With a collection code, customers can collect their parcels around the clock or hand them in for dispatch.

Deutsche Post rejects joint packing stations with competitors

According to DHL, almost half of the households in Germany currently have a packing station near them, i.e. within a radius of one kilometer. The proportion is expected to increase in the future. The Bonn group announced plans for a gradual expansion:

At the end of this year, the plan is 6,500 – that would be 2,100 more than in 2019. At least 8,500 are planned for the end of 2021, 10,500 a year later and a total of at least 12,000 at the end of 2023. The company did not say how much the expansion would cost.

The competition is also trying to find parcel collection stations, but is far behind. It calls for shared facilities where shipments from different providers are delivered. However, the market leader Deutsche Post DHL thinks little of this.


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