Delivery Hero: Coverage is started

The DZ Bank analysts start monitoring the shares of Delivery Hero. You expect further acquisitions. In this way, the company can further improve its market position. The number of users should continue to rise, and margins should also go up. Few companies in the industry are likely to be ahead of the tough competition. From the analyst’s point of view, Delivery Hero will be one of them.

The analysts therefore recommend Buy the shares of Delivery Hero. You see the target price at 110.00 euros.

They expect a loss per share of EUR 3.88 in the current financial year. In the coming year, the minus should be 2.71 euros. They do not expect a profit in 2022 either. Then they forecast a loss per paper of EUR 1.05. There shouldn’t be a dividend.

Delivery Hero shares gained 2.1 percent today to 97.90 euros.

At a glance – chart and news: Delivery Hero


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