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The new Mercedes-Maybach is also available with a calf massage

The two-tone Mercedes-Maybach is painted by hand. Photo: / Mercedes-Benz AG

The two-tone Mercedes-Maybach is painted by hand. Photo: / Mercedes-Benz AG

The Mercedes-Maybach is particularly popular with rich Chinese who let themselves be chauffeured and sit in the back. As a special convenience, the new generation of luxury sedans also offers a calf massage.

Stuttgart – Two months after the world premiere of the new S-Class at the Sindelfingen plant, Daimler presented the new Mercedes-Maybach as the top-of-the-range variant of the S-Class in a digital premiere. The wheelbase of this luxury sedan is 18 centimeters larger than that of the long S-Class. The Mercedes-Maybach is almost five and a half meters long. The additional space fully benefits the legroom in the rear, because the large luxury limousine is particularly popular with rich Chinese who sit in the back and let themselves be chauffeured. Last year, according to the carmaker, sales in China rose by double digits. Other important sales regions are Russia, Germany and South Korea. A total of 12,000 cars of this highly profitable top model produced in the Sindelfingen plant were sold worldwide – more than ever before.

Electrically powered rear doors are available on request

In the areas of comfort, safety and design in particular, the new Mercedes-Maybach stands out from the competition in the highly competitive luxury segment, says Dirk Fetzer, Head of Product Management. Competitors are cars like the Bentley Flying Spur or the long versions of the Audi A8 or the 7 Series from BMW. On request and at a surcharge, there are electrically powered rear doors that are easy to operate and can also be closed using gesture control, as Daimler boss Ola Källenius demonstrated at the premiere. The special amenities include a calf massage in the rear, which is intended to promote blood circulation and prevent fatigue. The backs of the front seats are clad with wood. This should create a lounge atmosphere.

The two-tone painting by hand takes up to a week

Also premiering in the new Mercedes-Maybach is adaptive rear lighting, which is designed to adapt to the needs of the passengers in many ways. In addition to the brightness, the size and position of the light spot can also be adjusted. At the same time, a wide spread between precise work light and relaxed lounge light should be possible.

On request, there is also a two-tone paint with a dividing line, which is applied by hand. This special painting can take up to a week.

The new Mercedes-Maybach is to be delivered to the first markets this year. According to the carmaker, it will come to German dealers next spring. The prices have not yet been published. For the model generation that is now being replaced, the price list started at around 125,000 euros. The new Mercedes-Maybach will be a bit higher, said a company spokesman. For this, the standard equipment has also been significantly expanded.


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