Scale 30: IBU-tec and Vectron boost the index!

The Scale®30 price index sets course for the all-time high and was again significantly stronger than the standard stock index, DAX®, in the past week. Five titles even improved by double digits, including Ibu-tec, publity and Vectron Systems.

The IBU-tec-Group develops and produces innovative materials of the highest quality for industry. From 2021, the company will offer its first own battery material for electromobility and stationary energy storage. This could make the company one of the winners of the increasing demand for e-cars. Publity invests primarily in commercial properties in good locations. This week, a convertible bond was repaid on time. This was well received by investors and resulted in a strong rebound after the share price crash at the end of October. Vectron Systems is a provider of POS systems. In the first three months of the year the share temporarily lost 70 percent of its value. Since the low, the paper has almost doubled again. The share was boosted by good numbers and better prospects. Sales in the third quarter of 2020 increased significantly compared to the same period of the previous year. In addition, the deadline for introducing tamper-proof cash register systems expires at the end of March 2021. Numerous retailers and restaurateurs have postponed the introduction due to the corona.

In March 2017, Deutsche Börse opened the stock exchange segment for small and medium-sized companies Scale created. Requirements for inclusion in the scale segment include a company history of at least two years and a minimum market capitalization of EUR 30 million. There are currently 46 companies in the scale segment. The Scale® 30 index contains the 30 most liquid stocks that are listed in the Scale stock exchange segment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The order book turnover on the Xetra and Börse Frankfurt trading venues is decisive for inclusion in the Scale® 30 index. The weighting in Scale® 30 index is based on market capitalization. The composition is reviewed quarterly and adjusted if necessary. Participation in the performance of the index via the certificate is one-to-one, which also includes participation in a negative development.

Chart technical outlook: Scale © 30 price index

Resistance marks: 1,260 / 1,300 / 1,380 points

Support marks: 1,090 / 1,190 points

The Scale® 30 index is on an upward trend and this week confirmed the breakout above the March high. The index has now reached the next hurdle – the May 2018 high. If the breakout above the 1,260 point mark is successful, there is a chance of a continuation of the upward movement to 1,300 points. On the bottom, the Scale30 price index finds support in the area of ​​1,190 points.

Scale 30 index in points; Daily chart

Observation period: March 17th, 2017 (start of index calculation) – December 20th, 2020. Historical considerations are not reliable indicators for future developments. Source: Thomson Reuters

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Index certificate on the Scale®30 price index

HVB Open End Index Certificate
Underlying Scale®30 price index
ISIN / WKN DE000HX5Q1M1“> HX5Q1M / DE000HX5Q1M1
running time Open end *
currency EUR
Administration fee p. a. 0.50% p. a.
Ask price (selling price) EUR 125.29
* The issuer, UniCredit Bank AG, is entitled to properly terminate the certificate and to repay it at the respective repayment amount. Status: December 20, 2020, 3:08 p.m.

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Author: Richard Pfadenhauer

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