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Sale of the smart factory shortly before the goal

In July, the Smart employees in Sarreguemines took to the streets to fight for their jobs. Photo: imago / Becker & Bredel

The employee representatives give up their resistance to a sale of the Lorraine Smart plant to the British off-road vehicle manufacturer Ineos Automotive. The CGT union, however, has great doubts as to whether the factory has a long-term future with this solution.

Stuttgart – The planned sale of the Smart plant in Hambach to the British off-road vehicle manufacturer Ineos Automotive is on the home straight. The trade unions represented in the Lorraine Smart Factory have given up their resistance. “The takeover enables the employees to keep their jobs,” said the social and economic committee (CSE) of the plant after a meeting of the works council. The Daimler works council is relieved that closing the factory is now off the table. “The colleagues have successfully fought to ensure that things continue in Hambach and that the location is secure,” says a spokesman for the general works council.

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