Limited edition chocolate letters with typical Groningen flavors

It concerns a genuine Groningen collaboration, resulting in a truly original Groningen (regional) product, of course also according to Groningen design and of course in the Gronika font. Last year, Marketing Groningen launched a dark chocolate letter in the shape of a proud “G” around the holidays. This year, no fewer than four unique Groningen flavors have been released in a limited edition: proudly made in Groningen.

Pure, Mustard, Oude Wijvenkoek and Fladderak
In addition to the “pure Groningen” taste, the typical Groningen flavors Marne Musterd, Oude Wijvenkoek van Knol’s Koek and Hooghoudt Fladderak also create a taste experience in these limited edition chocolate letters. The Groningen company Chocoladedroom from Niekerk is the maker of these filled chocolate letters and cast them in a traditional way. A handmade Groningen product

Groningen DNA in a chocolate letter
They are not just any chocolate letters. The letters are inspired by Groningen’s DNA and bring the taste and character of Groningen to life. The letter is therefore in the Groningen font Gronika. The flavors are not commonplace, but quirky and slightly different. Just like Groningen itself. With these chocolate letters, Marketing Groningen tries to focus on a Groningen brand experience that focuses on the identity of Groningen.

The chocolate letters are now available in the Groningen Store / VVV and via the webshop.

(PvWK, photos: Stella Dekker)


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