Ikea versus bargain madness: ‘Bring Back Friday’

With “Bring Back Friday“Ikea calls on customers to give their old furniture (s) a second life and to think about the way they consume. Customers can use the recently introduced Furniture Exchange Service to return old furniture to the store – where Ikea buys it back for a reduced amount and looks for a new owner for the same amount via the Koopjeshoek. With this, the Swedish furniture store brand stimulates a more sustainable way of consuming – by extending the lifespan of a product.

The campaign consists of radio & spotify, display, social media, online video on YouTube and influencer activation. ‘Does it even fit the spirit of the times to go to a store en masse on one designated day to score bargains? And what do you do with the things you’ve been looking forward to? ”Is the underlying idea. With the ‘Bring Back Friday’ campaign, which will be communicated between now and December 3, 2020, Ikea wants to statement and create sustainable awareness among consumers. Due to Covid-19, customers do not come directly to the store with their old furniture. They first go to, where they can read more about the idea behind “Bring Back Friday” and the Furniture Exchange Service. If they have an Ikea furniture to exchange, they register the product in a digital tool for a price proposal. The customer then selects a specific timeslot to actually return the product. In this way, the flow of visitors can be optimally controlled and the return can be spread well.

‘Ikea ​​wants a better daily life for as many people as possible, but not at the expense of the environment. Unsustainable consumption is one of the biggest challenges here. As a mass retailer, Ikea has a responsibility to contribute to a solution and promote sustainable consumption. Ikea expects the new service this year to save 20,000 products from the bulky waste or the waste bin. This is the next step for Ikea to be 100% circular and climate positive by 2030, ‘the brand said.

Below the accompanying movie. Above an image from the recent ‘Ikea ​​buys back’ campaign, in which a Billy cupboard is given a second life.


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