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Ex-Wirecard-CEOSo ran the appearance of Markus Braun in the Bundestag

Ex-Wirecard CEO Markus Braun as a witness before the Wirecard investigation committeeSimone M. Neumann / DBT

Markus Braun didn’t even have to take off his mouth and nose mask on Thursday afternoon – he hardly speaks anyway. His three-hour appearance was eagerly awaited: the investigative committee in the Bundestag has invited – and the former Wirecard boss had to appear in person, the parliamentarians obtained this in court.

Braun wears what he always wore before he went to prison: a black turtleneck, just like Apple founder Steve Jobs once did. The comparison to Elizabeth Holmes is perhaps better: The founder of the US start-up Theranos had swapped the visionary outfit for her court date in 2019 (fraud charges) with a light blue blouse.

The outfit remains Braun’s only power move during this session. The manager sits down with a disposable mask, a bottle of water and a sheet of paper. He reads a statement, it looks like it has been memorized. He doesn’t want to answer questions afterwards. Braun invokes an “extensive right to refuse information”. Questions are asked anyway. And occasionally there are even answers.

You can read today on Finance Forward, the finance portal of and OMR, how the three hours with Markus Braun in the Bundestag went and what consequences the ex-CEO is now threatened with. You can register for the daily newsletter here.

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