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After Evotec presented itself to investors and analysts at the Equity Forum of Deutsche Börse this week, the next investor date for the biotech company is on today: Evotec’s Markets Day 2020. It starts at 2:30 pm. The investor event will run as a webcast on the Internet, Evotec will then want a recording publish on your own website.

“I am looking forward to presenting selected highlights of the scientific potential of our platforms together with my team. Precision medicine and better access to affordable medicines will define the future of our industry. Evotec will be an important part of the infrastructure here with all the relevant technologies and modalities, ”said Werner Lanthaler, Chief Executive Officer of Evotec.

Unsurprisingly, Lanthaler confirmed Evotec’s outlook for 2020 at this week’s equity forum, after the Hamburg-based biotech company had just started its Had submitted nine-month figures. The TecDAX-listed company continues to expect sales of between EUR 440 million and EUR 480 million. On an adjusted EBITDA basis, an operating profit of between 100 million euros and 120 million euros should be achieved. An expense of 45 million euros is expected in the area of ​​“unrelated R&D expenses”. When comparing sales and EBITDA to the previous year’s figures, the loss of 20 million euros in business volume with Sanofi plays a role.

In the biotech industry, the processing of large amounts of information and the acceleration of drug development times with the help of IT are playing an increasingly important role. One reason why Evotec boss Werner Lanthaler assumes that tech giants such as Amazon and Google, who have left a footprint in the sector for years, could play an ever greater role in consolidating the industry in the future. The consolidation is real and runs through all areas of the value chain, said Lanthaler on Monday on a previous day at the Equity Forum of Deutsche Börse AG. Evotec itself is an active part in consolidation, as well as in the area of ​​partnerships.

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