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On February 14, 2020, the VOICE social network is finally launched. Its decentralized character aims not only to allow its users to directly remunerate their favorite content creators but also to fight more effectively against fake news.

For Jack Dorsey, the future of social networks would rest on Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain.

It is Eric Yang’s turn to step up to the plate to defend the interest of decentralizing social networks, which today face 3 major problems.

Transform or migrate: the path of decentralization

The issue of censorship and the spread of fake news are among the major issues of social networks.

The founder of the startup Junto, Eric Yang, considers that the 3 subjects which are particularly important in the current context are governance, user data protection and centralization.

Junto is one of the many startups offering an alternative decentralized media model. Although the network Junto is not blockchain-based, decentralization is ensured through a distributed ledger solution dubbed Holochain.

Other approaches aim to transform the current environment rather than pushing people to migrate to other platforms, such as that of integrated on the blockchain Telos.

The Yang of social networks

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Eric Yang indicated that there were solutions to remedy the climate of aggression currently encountered on most networks.

Governance and revenue models must be corrected to maintain the integrity of a platform. Junto for example is managed by a non-profit association.

Junto Foundation

Regarding censorship and privacy issues, they can be resolved with a decentralized approach.

Yang also proposed to review the foundations on which user experience is built: he cites the example of algorithms currently used to strengthen user engagement with a certain category of opinions.

Yang believes that the issues relating to moderation of content, given the associated costs, will be the most difficult to resolve.


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What would the business model of Facebook and other social networks be without the control they have over their users’ data? Will the blockchain succeed in transforming a world based today on a “cop” generating billions of dollars? VOICE and Junto want to show the way, but the path to decentralization is strewn with pitfalls, which sometimes unwittingly lead to a recentralization of processes.


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