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Video interviews have become established in Corona timesimago images / Westend61

# 1 video interviews are booming

“Video interviews have become the central tool for job interviews”: This is a finding from the study by the StepStone job platform with the Federal Association of Personnel Managers (BPM). According to the information, a total of around 2,600 HR managers and around 10,200 candidates were interviewed online in January and May 2020. At the beginning of the year, around 36 percent of companies said they got to know applicants via video chat. In the wake of the Corona crisis with contact restrictions and the relocation of many jobs to the home office, the proportion rose to almost 60 percent. “Other instruments did not show any significant growth in this period,” stated the study organizers.

# 2 Digital skills are becoming mandatory

The digitization surge of the pandemic also influences the demands that companies place on applicants. In the survey, three out of four HR professionals were of the opinion that the crisis made digital skills more relevant than ever before. This also applies to the time after Corona. A good digital application can therefore already be proof of this qualification.

# 3 Applicants are digital

According to the study, many job seekers feel well prepared for the new challenges. One in three rated their own ability to successfully use digital tools for applications with a grade of one. Almost every second gave themselves a two. However, it should be noted here that participating in an online survey already implies a certain digital affinity.

# 4 Limited experience with digital instruments

However, many job seekers have so far only gained experience with a few digital instruments, as StepStone announced. When asked what was used at least once, this picture emerged:

  • Online applicant management system: over 60 percent
  • CV uploaded to a database: over 50 percent
  • Live video interview: a good one in five
  • Online assessment: a good eleven percent
  • Online test for compatibility with corporate culture: less than eleven percent

# 5 Criticism of digital applications

The experiences with digital applications are mixed, however. More than half of the interviewed candidates rated the employers’ efforts on this point as “good”. 45 percent, however, gave a lower grade. Poor or complicated systems for online applications can put off interested parties. A good four out of ten candidates stated in the survey that they had refrained from applying because of a digital tool. Almost every second dropout made online applicant management systems responsible for the decision.

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