Small caps: All-Share-Index with an annual plus of 16 percent

The scale segment with the small and medium-sized companies can increasingly set itself apart from the DAX in terms of performance. This is mainly due to some real success stories.

November 18. October 2020. FRANKFURT (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). Cliq Digital, 2G Energy, Ökoworld – these are just a few of the top performers in the scale segment. Many Scale shares continue their run: The Scale All Share stood at 1,254 on Tuesday afternoon after 1,103 points in mid-October, an increase of 16.2 percent since the beginning of the year. The Scale 30 selection index is now at 1,288 after 1,238 points a month ago, which is an increase of 12 percent for this year. Both indices therefore developed better than the DAX. Compared to the beginning of the year, it is still in the red.

Cliq Digital with course sixfold

Cliq Digital (WKN A0HHJR), the soaring continues, with short interruptions: The share of the Düsseldorf company, which offers streaming of films, music or audio books, costs 18.30 euros on Tuesday afternoon. At the beginning of the year it was not even 3 euros. The second best performer over a twelve-month period is still the fintech The Naga Group (WKN A161NR), the rate has more than quadrupled. This is now followed by 2G Energy (WKN A0HL8N), EQS (WKN 549416) and Ökoworld (WKN 540868), each with a course doubling and more. The share price of the investment company MIC AG (WKN A254W5).

Descent into the basic board

The rear lights are now cyan (WKN A2E4SV), mVISE (WKN 620458) and Deutsche Rohstoff AG (WKN A0XYG7). With the shares, investors have lost between 43 and 49 percent since November 2019. Nanogate and MyBucks, long at the end of the performance list, no longer belong to the scale segment and are now listed on the basic board. This enables former Scale issuers who do not meet the subsequent inclusion obligations or the minimum market capitalization of 30 million euros to maintain a primary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Flatex moves up in Prime Standard, Faishonette new in Scale

On the other hand, the successful scale company Flatex has slipped upwards: the online broker was promoted to the Prime Standard on October 26th. With the uplisting, the company claims to underline its commercial success with increased capital market orientation. Flatex expects an SDAX note as part of the Fast Entry of Deutsche Börse this December.

But Scale has a new addition: at the end of October, the Düsseldorf handbag online retailer Fashionette (WKN A2QEFA) made its stock market debut. The shares went on sale at EUR 29, slightly below the issue price of EUR 31. On Tuesday lunchtime, the price is just under 30 euros.

“Cliq now also interesting for larger institutional investors”

The analysis company Montega sees even more upside potential for the high-flyer Cliq Digital and has confirmed the purchase recommendation. The price target was increased from EUR 23 to EUR 28 – again well above the current price of EUR 18.30. “Promising short and medium-term growth catalysts should give the share a further boost,” the analysts write. In addition, after exceeding the 100 million euro mark in market capitalization and noticeably increased liquidity in the share, Cliq is also likely to become increasingly interesting for somewhat larger institutional investors.

Again, many positive analyst opinions

There were also a number of other recommendations: For example, SMC Research raised the price target for MIC AG significantly from EUR 1.90 to EUR 4.10 (currently 2.22). The analysts see high growth potential through the takeover of Pyramid Computer. SRH AlsterResearch has assessed MIC AG for the first time and also recommends buying with a price target of 4 euros. The takeover of Pyramid will make the newly formed MIC AG one of the world’s leading and innovative companies for digital kiosk solutions at the point of sale.

That’s not all: The Augsburg-based analysis company GBC recommends buying medical technology company MagForce (WKN A0HGQF), SMC Research on The Naga Group and on the provider of security systems artec technologies (WKN 520958). BankM recommends the tool manufacturer Datron (WKN A0V9LA) and Montega and Warburg Research the photonics company Nynomic (WKN A0MSN1). On the other hand, SMC Research voted only “Hold” for the software company Mensch und Maschine (WKN 658080).

by: Anna-Maria Borse,
© November 18, 2020, Deutsche Börse AG

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