Investing test “Green” plants still have room for improvement

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Sustainably oriented investors now have a large selection of “green” financial products at their disposal. However, some of the products are still not transparent and, like the providers themselves, still have considerable room for improvement when it comes to fulfilling ESG criteria. However, there are also numerous funds that seriously invest sustainably and financial service providers who pay close attention to environmental, social and good corporate governance aspects themselves. This is shown by the first capital sustainability study that was carried out together with the consulting firm Tetralog and the Institute for Asset Development IVA. The results – including product tables – can be found in (edition 12/2020, EVT November 19).

The new will be released on November 19th

Global equity funds, recommended by many asset managers as a basic investment in equities, were examined for the study. 35 funds from a total of 22 companies were included in the investigation. Twelve of them achieved the top rating of five stars. At the top are products from Allianz Global Investors (Allianz Global Sustainability), Raiffeisen Management (Raiffeisen Sustainability Equities) and RobecoSam (Global Gender Equality). Four criteria were assessed: How sustainable is the fund offered? How well can customers understand strategy and composition? How well does the fund provider implement sustainability in its own company? And: What role do ESG play in the entire product world of the provider?

And because more and more investors are taking the investment into their own hands via smartphone app, robo-advisors were also examined for sustainability in a second part of the study. The digital financial advisors do not offer their own ESG funds, but they do convey the sustainable products of others. There is still upside potential here too. Only two providers achieved five stars: Visualvest and Savity. While the study attests that the providers have a good level of product quality, there are large differences in terms of transparency. The ESG implementation in your own company does not work as well as with the fund providers. A total of eleven robo-advisors were considered.

You can find the full review in 12/2020, which came out on November 19th. interested in Here is the Subscription shopwhere you can order the print version. Our digital edition is available at iTunes and GooglePlay


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