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ExklusivCharité researcher Drosten warns of a new pandemic risk

Christian DrostenÉriver Hijano

The chief virologist at the Berlin Charité Christian Drosten plans to return to the laboratory when the current corona pandemic is under control. “When the hype is over now, I will develop a new topic with a small working group,” announced Drosten in an interview with (edition 12.2020, publication day 19.11.).

The new will be released on November 19th

The scientist then no longer wants to focus his research on the current coronavirus (SARS-Cov2), but on the MERS viruses. MERS is the next pandemic candidate, said Drosten.

SARS-Cov2, on the other hand, gets enough attention in research: “Everything that needs to be done is done by someone.” Drosten is currently very busy with public relations and political advice and can therefore not always devote himself to his research. In conversations with politicians and the public, he always tries to avoid alarmism, Drosten told If he were to become “the professor who hits the bush”, he would think he would lose his influence quickly.

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