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Bitcoin (BTC) may not yet have hit $ 20,000, but it is already setting records in other countries.


BTC hit all-time high in Russia. The BTC bulls aren’t the only ones cheering for this performance. Bitcoin has also benefited from the backing of the greenback.

BTC goes the ruble

November 05, 2020 around 4 p.m. UTC, Bitcoin was worth just over RUB 1,160,000 setting a new record, according to data from CoinGecko.

Bitcoin BTC ruble RUB ATH

The previous record was 1,157,000 RUB. Bitcoin had crossed the $ 14,700 mark on the same day, the first time since January 2018.

Bitcoin subsequently exceeded USD 15,000, however this increase alone does not explain the performance of the BTC against the Russian currency.

The latter also lost ground against the US dollar. During the previous record of Bitcoin against the ruble in 2017, the BTC was worth 20,000 USD.

At the same time, the dollar was trading at 59 RUB against 77 RUB today.

7 countries before landing in the United States

The BTC has also recorded ATH in other countries. In his tweet of October 22, 2020, Alistair Milne had indicated that Bitcoin had already registered an ATH in 7 countries, including Brazil, the Turkey and theArgentina.

Milne had planned that the Colombia and the Russia would soon be on this list.

The BTC began a bullish rally in October 2020, boosted by the announcement of the massive acquisition of Bitcoins through Square and that of the upcoming launch of crypto services of PayPal.

Bitcoin had also profited from the devaluation of the dollar with controversial US presidential elections.

The price of BTC was then pulled down by the ‘crowning’ of Joe biden by the media and, a dollar which regained points.

Bitcoin also did not like the announcement of an effective covid-19 vaccine by Pfizer ; its course had collapsed by then.


The BTC yet now seems to be ready for a post-covid world; he no longer trembled while Moderna claimed to have a vaccine against the coronavirus even more effective than that of Pfizer.

Bitcoin crossed the $ 17,000 mark on October 17, 2020. BTC is approaching $ 20,000 and therefore could soon reach a new ATH against the dollar. Bitcoin has institutional backing for the last few miles. Only a few more days for the oldest crypto before she completes her world tour?


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