va-Q-tec: Record order for corona vaccine logistics beckons

Not only vaccine developers such as the BioNTech / Pfizer duo and soon also Moderna are currently in focus in connection with news about fighting pandemics, but also va-Q-tec: On Friday the company announced the “conclusion of an extensive key point agreement with a global top -Pharmaceutical manufacturer for the provision of thermal containers for the international distribution of a corona vaccine ”. No names are given, but the group of candidates who can be considered here as clients is not that large either.

The obstacle to the order, which is to have a high single-digit million volume, is the pending approval of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is to be transported in the thermal containers. The newly developed vaccines have to be transported frozen, for this purpose va-Q-tec wants to provide several thousand of the high-performance thermal containers.

The order could not be the last of its kind: “va-Q-tec is in advanced negotiations with other international vaccine manufacturers for orders relating to vaccine transports,” said the Würzburg company on Friday.

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