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Brave (BAT) had earned the best rating on the PlayStore in its category in October 2020. It was then ahead of Chrome even though the latter is still well ahead of it in terms of adoption.

Brave, however, performed well in terms of user numbers which increased by 130% in the space of a year.

Its performance in terms of advertising viewing is far superior to that of its sector.

Brave BAT of records

Brave just recently passed the 20 million monthly active user mark, an increase of 130% from 2019.

The number of daily users has increased from 3 to 7 million.

Brave distributes distributes its BAT token users who want to watch advertisements while browsing.

The majority of users choose to use it to fund the creation of verified content on the platform.

Users would have watched more than 2 billion ads each month according to Brave.

they have donated nearly 26 million BAT to get content. The number of creators of such content has risen to nearly one million from 300,000 a year ago.

Better privacy protection from competition

Brave recently reported that the average click-through rate for a browser ad campaign was 9%, compared to the industry average of only 2%.

Brave supports the extensions of its competitor Chromium.

Brave relies on Chromium, the same software base running Chromium or Edge.

The major asset of Brave is its ability to offer better protection of private data to its users unlike its competitors.

The company has urged authorities to take action against browsers selling their users’ personal data.


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With 66.12% of the market share held by Google Chrome, Brave still has a way to go before it can establish itself in the browser market. Brave has the backing of cryptosphere giants like Binance. Growing interest in cryptocurrencies and increased user awareness of protecting their personal data is supporting browser adoption. Added to this is the ability of the latter to attract the best content creators motivated by direct remuneration in BAT which could prove to be more interesting than the income from advertising programs like Google Adsense and, which especially fattens Google.


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