The exchange strategy and its components – the portfolio

In this article we impart important basic knowledge for investors and traders. Today we’re going to talk in detail about the portfolio.

Except for the complete beginner, every investor or trader knows that they need a plan for their investment. This does not mean (only) the selection of the right (share) savings plan, but at this point we go deep into the subject of trading.

The plan – or the strategy (In the end it is the same) now comprises several core components, in which the equity portfolio also plays a role.

The 4 core elements of an equity strategy are thus.

  1. The time of purchase
  2. The time of sale
  3. The choice of position sizes
  4. The portfolio

When we translate these 4 points into trading jargon, it reads as follows

  • Entry
  • Exit
  • Position size
  • Portfolio selection

In this article we focus on the (trading) portfolio.

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