Commerzbank share: break attempt after break attempt – but none succeeds so far – chart analysis

It could be the next day when the Commerzbank share tries to overcome important technical chart hurdles around the 5 euro mark. In the past week attempts failed quite clearly with various daily highs between EUR 4.944 and EUR 4.962. After the closing price in XETRA trading at EUR 4.93 (+3.44 percent) on Friday and an interim drop to EUR 4.634 on Thursday, the current indications for Commerzbank shares on Monday morning at EUR 4.956 / EUR 4.989 are again directly below the 5- Euro mark.

In terms of the chart, the zone between EUR 4.77 / EUR 4.86 and EUR 5.02 / EUR 5.06 remains a decisive obstacle, as in the last few months. While the Commerzbank share price can repeatedly overcome the lower part of the zone, the upper part has remained safe so far. An outbreak of this would have the potential to trigger a test of the recently reached multi-month high of EUR 5.35 in Commerzbank shares. A stable buy signal at this brand would then be an important upward breakthrough for the share of the financial services provider.

But if this does not succeed, the risk of setbacks for the Commerzbank share price will gradually increase again. Thursday gave a little foretaste, but larger consolidations cannot be ruled out either. The Commerzbank share finds its first technical support in the area of ​​4.55 / 4.67 euros, the 200-day line is currently also listed here – EMA50 and EMA 20 are located just below the zone and offer further support.

You can read more about the MDAX value in 4investors report from the weekend on the latest analysts’ opinions on the Commerzbank share

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