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In the world of streaming, it’s hard to miss the sulphurous PewDiePie, streaming giant in the video game. Already familiar with how crypto works thanks in part to a promotion from DLive, he recently promoted an augmented reality app where it is possible to earn crypto.

PewDiePie and cryptos

The love between crypto and PewDiePie had already started with the promotion in 2018 of a crypto project that did not work. Following that, we were entitled to another promotional video from the streaming service DLive, but above all to highlight the TRON network.

Following this event, Youtube signed an exclusive contract with him a few weeks later obliging him to leave DLive.

This stint with the crypto universe was brief but noticed, drawing more attention to the fact that streamers are interested in crypto more than Justin Sun’s blockchain can develop a useful project.

Wallem: Virtual reality and NFTs

After a year-long silence in the crypto scene and a probably deserved break from Youtube after the various controversies that animated the character, PewDiePie returns to center stage with an announcement that never fails to ride the wave once again.

After a streaming platform, the “Youtube’s king” is now promoting a virtual reality game reminiscent of the concept of Pokemon Go : Wallem. The gameplay does not move much: having to go for a walk in town to collect tokens on the way. But be careful, these tokens obtained in the application will only be usable inside it.

If you want to trade and sell these tokens, you will need to go through a DEX as the token is not yet listed. As for the question of whether it is possible to recover the other cryptos that you can earn in the game, it remains unresolved.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Regarding the NFTs, they will take the form of “skins” to customize your avatar in the game. There will be one that, you guessed it, will take the colors of PewDiePie. Pricing for the skin has not yet been announced, but we do know it will be available through the Rarible Marketplace.


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