Relationships Caution Love: 4 Tips For Falling In Love At Work

Quite a few couples have found each other in the office
Quite a few couples have found each other in the officedpa

# 1 Don’t trumpet love among colleagues

It may be difficult in the exuberance of feelings, but: When colleagues fall in love with each other, they shouldn’t notice it if possible. “This is a private matter and you should also leave it at home privately,” advised Nathalie Oberthür, chairwoman of the labor law committee of the German Lawyers’ Association, in an interview with “”. “If you have a solid relationship or get married, you will share that at some point. In contrast, relationships that are not really stable are perhaps better kept to yourself. “

# 2 Separate work and personal life

According to the expert, the separation of work and private life goes even further. Couples should refrain from writing private emails or chat messages during work hours. According to Oberthür, this does not only apply to romances. “Anything that is not official has no place in the workplace,” the lawyer pointed out. “Regardless of whether you are discussing your love affair or football results: you are not working.”

# 3 There is no arguing in the company

In the US, companies can prohibit executives from having romantic relationships with employees. This is to avoid conflicts of interest. Such interventions in private life are not possible in Germany, according to Oberthür. “You can have the normal love affair at work,” reassured the expert. However, an employer should expect that employees do not disturb the peace of the company. “If you bring quarrels from home and continue bickering in the office, it can of course become difficult at some point,” she warned.

# 4 Beware of power imbalances

The end of a relationship can also negatively impact a career. This danger is particularly acute if one of the ex-partners has more influence in the company. The partner who is “weaker” in this respect – often still women – often has little leverage from a labor law perspective to defend himself against reprisals. “If the supervisor no longer wants the employee – because he no longer feels like continuing the affair or because he finds him unsympathetic – then in practice the supervisor will often win, regardless of the reason for termination,” said Oberthür. Subjective feelings can only rarely be dealt with by legal means: “This is often the same with bullying.”

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