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In the crisis, topics such as old-age provision and savings strategies are certainly not the first priority for many – especially not for young professionals. Why it is still worth looking for the right investment strategy for yourself and what types of retirement provision there are at a young age can be read here in our capital briefing.

Saving for young professionals: time brings money

Save money icon image
Save money icon image

Many younger people are wondering how they should make provision in the low interest rates. But if you are young, it is actually rather easy. You can read the reasons for this here

This is how young professionals manage their finances

A woman holds a blue piggy bank in her hand
Even if it’s difficult: young professionals should think about their retirement provisions (Photo: dpa)

Insurance, reserves, capital formation benefits: a lot changes for young people with their first salary. It pays to set the right course early on when it comes to finances. What young professionals should take care of in a timely manner. To the contribution

Why the Riester pension is better than its reputation

Riester pension: Walter Riester himself has long since retired
Riester pension: namesake Walter Riester has long since retired (Photo: dpa)

The Riester pension is only criticized. But it also has advantages, especially for those who are not yet thinking about retirement. Young people invest their money securely in this way – and retain a little flexibility. To the contribution

5 financial tips for young professionals

Save symbol image
Save symbol image

Starting a business, occupational disability, retirement: At the beginning of the career, the basis for the financial future is laid. These five tips will help you save money for young professionals. To the contribution

Generation carefree: reserve strategies for young professionals

Symbolic picture: Provision
Symbolic picture: Provision (Photo: Getty Images)

It is increasingly difficult for young professionals to save. analyzes your financial preferences – and recommends the appropriate reserve strategies. To the contribution


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