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A cryptocurrency ATM or crypto machine in a shopping center

The number of Bitcoin (BTC) distributors had exploded by more than 30% in June 2020. As of August 2020, there were 9,000 BTC distributors around the world.


The number of Bitcoin ATMs has grown tremendously since the first was installed 7 years ago. Focus on the latest statistics on crypto distributors.

1 new ATM BTC per hour

Robocoin installed the first Bitcoin ATM in 2013 in a cafe Vancouver. The machine made it possible to exchange BTC for cash and vice versa.

In its first day, the dealer registered a total of USD 10,000 of BTC traded.

As the end of 2020 approaches, the estimated number ofATM worldwide is 11,665, according to data from CoinATMRadar.

This figure is up 80% compared to 2019: during this same period, there were 6,372 machines across the world.

CoinATMRadar indicates that the number of vending machines is increasing by an average of 23 machines per day, or approximately one vending machine per hour.

This growth is indicative of the interest of individuals and financial institutions in crypto distributors.

Favorite destinations for crypto distributors

In terms of geographical distribution, the United States are the country where this growth has been the most marked with an increase of 50%: the number of distributors has increased from 4,213 to 9,242 from 2019 to 2020.

79.2% of the machines are located in the native country of the greenback. The Canada occupies 2nd place with 880 distributors, the UK 3rd place with 268 ATM, Hong Kong ranks 4th with 62 distributors, and finally the Colombia comes in 4th place with 59 ATM.

TheSouth Africa with its 6 distributors and the Nigeria are the 2 countries of the continent which have moreATM in Africa.


The company Genesis Coin based at San Francisco is the world’s leading manufacturer of crypto distributors with its 4,000 machines delivered; General Bytes comes in 2nd position, with its 3,442 distributors.

More BTC distributors are likely to be welcome in the United States with dollar inflation. This is the easiest way to end the fiats, absorbing them in exchange for some BTC. Africa is still almost virgin land for Bitcoin ATMs to conquer: the continent is home to lions, elephants and a few BTC bulls.

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