Those who watch cables pay for it

Spoiled for choice: There are many alternatives for TV reception.
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How does TV get into the house cheaply? The Internet portal Verivox compared the conditions for four reception channels. One finding: TV via the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. Here is the great price comparison for antenna, internet, satellite, cable & Co.

A.Even if streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus play an increasingly dominant role in entertainment for Germans, so-called linear television is not dead yet. This linear television, i.e. the normal program of public and private broadcasters, is coming today on more ways into the home than in the pre-digital age.

The classic types of reception – antenna, cable and satellite – are joined by Internet TV, either in a package via the online access provider or via open Internet offers. If you have the choice, you don’t necessarily have to agonize – especially since the comparison portal Verivox, which belongs to the Pro Sieben Sat 1 broadcasting group, has now compiled an extensive list of the costs. The investigation carried out by the F.A.Z. exists shows two things in particular: Cable is the most expensive access route. And if you want to watch TV in very good quality or have private channels, you have to pay.


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