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This is how expensive private corona tests are in other countries

Corona tests have experienced a real boom in the last few months: at the end of October Germany was recording more than a million tests per week. This brings many laboratories and their test capacities to their limits.

In order to remedy this, the Robert Koch Institute has once again focused its national test strategy on well-founded suspected cases. In addition to patients with corona symptoms or contact with a sick person, this also includes users of the corona warning app if such a warning is displayed to them.

But travelers must also submit a negative test for the destination country. Anyone who needs negative evidence for their vacation must therefore be tested privately – and expect significant price differences.

Doctors’ practices can refer to the fee schedule and the minimum price for private laboratory services of 128.23 euros stipulated therein. The prices of some laboratories, on the other hand, are significantly lower – partly because of the high level of competition, partly because of the possibility of analyzing large quantities of samples at the same time. Other providers, on the other hand, set their prices significantly higher, with prices well over a hundred euros. Laboratories, on the other hand, charge health insurance companies around 39 euros for a PCR test ordered by a doctor.

Many German holidaymakers and travelers abroad are also dependent on private providers. There the costs vary significantly between less than 50 euros up to several 100 euros – often depending on the waiting time for the test result.

That is how expensive private corona tests are in other countries


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